About Martin

Welcome to the official site of Martin Pearson - The world's funniest male, long-haired, Victorian, piscean folk singer. Formerly of the act "Martin Pearson", Martin has rose to fame like a dead pigeon in a water tank. Martin plays the fool in B sharp.

Martin is a very funny satirical performer. He has been amusing, even thrilling audiences around the globe for ages now, and if you haven't seen him live - you're missing out.

Martin tickles the funny bone. The act is full of scintillating , he has an ability to take current events and observations of everyday life, and turn them into side splitting comedy routines.

Comments by critics include:

You will love Martin for his quick wit in his political and social satire, some of which is a vehicle for his easy folk singing, self-accompanied on guitar.

Pearson is a seasoned trouper of the folk festival circuit and he reveres few sacred cows, neither Prime Minister nor Pope all are grist to Pearson's musical mill and get the treatment from his creative pen.

He is a good yarn-spinner, and time passes quickly, as it does when you're having fun.

 Variety and wit and effortlessly polished vocal performances. Martin has the outstanding ability to engage the audience, swapping banter and taking them on a wonderfully varied trip. One moment there are members of the audience rolling in their chairs and the next, you could hear a pin drop while they're spellbound by a simply sublime performance.

From Martin's Mouth

 When asked why he performed comedy, Martin replied:

“Why comedy? Well, I really like making people laugh. There is no finer feeling of affirmation than a hundred people showing they like you by laughing at your jokes and stories. And laughter has all the "good" medicinal qualities. I am currently putting together a diet based on "things that are good for you that make you feel good" (to my mind, "making you feel good" should be reason enough for their beneficent nature, but alas, most people require more reasoning.) So, my list to date consists of:

Red Wine - medically proven to lower cholesterol and promote anti-oxidants.

That’s it so far, although a doctor down in Port Arthur told me that chocolate starts to be good for you if it has over 70% cocoa solids, so I will soon be adding "finest Swiss chocolate" to the list. I'm doing the research now.”